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-Four week customized fitness plan. Workouts available for home, gym, or travel. 

-Nutritional guidance fit for your goals. (Vegan/Vegetarian, Dairy-Free/Soy-Free, Gluten-free options). 

-One 30 minute in person workout with Stephanie per month.

-Weekly Check-Ins (necessary adjustments and modifications, questions).

-Supplement recommendations. 

-Stretching techniques.

-Unlimited access to questions and support. 


*Please make sure to review the Terms & Conditions and Billing. By purchasing this product you agree to the following Terms & Conditions listed below. 


  • Please note the following terms an agreements before purchasing a program. Stephanie Higgins Fit reserves the right to determine eligibility to participate. Please note that all photographs or other images submitted will be treated confidentially and will not be used, disclosed, or shared in any way other than by Stephanie Higgins Fit and you.

    By purchasing a program you agree to the following terms and agreements:

    1.) I agree to seek the clearance of a physician or qualified medical professional to manage my health and determine if Stephanie Higgins Fit and its components are appropriate for me. I understand that I should not apply for Stephanie Higgins Fit if I have a medical condition that would limit my ability to restrict my eating or to exercise vigorously on a daily basis.

    2.) I understand that I should not apply for Stephanie Higgins Fit if I know or suspect that I have an eating disorder, related mental or behavioral health problem requiring management under the care of health professional, or any other unmanaged physical, psychological, or emotional condition involving purging, binging, or other activity that would present any risk form vigorous exercise or diet.

    3.) I understand that Stephanie Higgins Fit reserves the right to require a medical clearance letter as a condition of participation if needed. I understand that Stephanie Higgins Fit takes no responsibility for managing my health as serving as my doctor or dietitian.

    4.) I understand and acknowledge that Stephanie Higgins Fit provides a 24 hour cancellation policy and enforces a strict no-refund policy after the 24 hours of purchase. This policy is in place to increase client accountability, including fairness and respect for other clients and coaches. In limited cases, due to unforeseen medical issues and conditions, refunds may be provided for services not yet rendered. In such cases a two-week notice of a client’s withdrawal from the program and verification of the condition is required.

    5.) I understand and hereby agree, that should I engage the Services of Stephanie Higgins Fit in exchange for valid consideration, I acknowledge and agree that I will be provided with information which is to be kept confidential. As such, I agree not to share, in any manner, the details of my relationship with my coach and/or the plan that is created for my specific situation. The method, system and requirements comprise “confidential information” belonging to Stephanie Higgins Fit. Such information is the proprietary information of Stephanie Higgins Fit and the means upon which Stephanie Higgins Fit is able to complete its obligations. Participant agrees to keep such information confidential. Sharing such information with any other party, in any manner, is detrimental to Stephanie Higgins Fit. Dissemination of confidential information to any other party who discloses the same is the responsibility of the Participant.

  • This plan is scheduled month to month. No returns after three days of signing up. After that you can cancel at anytime unless you wish to keep your program going with Stephanie then your plan will be billed the same day of each month that it was first purchased. 

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